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How to Build a Deck – A Great DIY Woodworking Project

How to Build a Deck – A Great DIY Woodworking Project
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Discovering how to build a deck, even though it is a medium level DIY woodworking project, is definitely a satisfying experience.
A new wooden deck will let you have a pleasant bbq out in the open, entertain guests, or simply just sit around and take it easy outside at night. Aside from cosmetic elements of installing a deck, but a deck built properly will be able to improve the total property value of your residence itself.

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Following reading through this particular article you should certainly have an improved knowledge of deck construction along with the necessary elements to build your own personal deck.

how-to-build-a-deck-elements-of-a-deckTo begin with let me talk about the structure of a typical wood deck:

  • Ledger Board – The ledger board uses the structure of the house to support one end of the joist system, it is fixed to the house either by lag screws which can be screwed into wood or into concrete using concrete anchors. It can also be attached to the house using carriage bolts as long as you have access to both sides of the carriage bolt. A carriage bolt would be the preferred attachment method as there is no chance of the deck pulling away from the house. When installing your ledger board, make sure to add spacers between it and your house either using blocks of wood every 16″ or you can purchase plastic spacers from your local home improvement stores or online. The size of the ledger will be the same as your joist size and remember to use the straigtest piece of lumber you have for this component.
  • Footings – Decks much like any other properly built structure needs strong footings, not only to support the weight of the materials, but everything that is going to be on the deck. Concrete is the usual choice here, but the installation methods vary depending on your geographic location and local building codes. Typical concrete footings for a raised deck are 10in dia sono tubes and the depth also depends on wether you have a frost line or not. Check your building codes or have a professional contractor design or recommend the best system for you.
  • Posts – Posts that span between the footing and the beam can sometimes be a 4×4 column of wood, but nowadays it is more common to use either a 4×6 or a 6×6 post as the bearing surface area is much larger for your beam thus it makes installation easier along with a much stronger deck. Using a 4×4 is the minimum recommendation in the building code for my area, do you know what yours is?
  • Beam – The supporting beam of a deck is made of a few layers of either 2×10 or 2×12 lumber. Depending on a few factors like supported joist length, joist spacing, span of columns and the grade of wood will reflect on what you will need to use for your beam. Again your deck designer, or local building code will provide you with this information.
  • Joists – Joists are the underlying structure that is part of the floor system. These will support your decking, your railings, your stairs as well as anything on the deck. The size, spacing and wood grade and type will be decided on when designing your new deck. Typical joist sizes are 2×8, 2×10 and 2×12 material.
  • Rim Joist – The rim joist is the outside joist installed onto the ends of your joists that are opposite of the house. This component makes up the end of the box that is the floor system.
  • Blocking – Solid blocking is required between the joists to keep joists from twisting and tipping. They are typically cut from offcuts or from joist material that you would rather not use in your deck due to it being very twisted or crowned. Typical distance between a row of blocking is 8 feet or less but this depends on your local building codes and should be noted on your drawings.
  • Decking – This part of your deck is one of the most visual parts, so what you decide on here will really add to the appearance and also longevity of your new deck. Also this part will be used in finding out which size and spacing of joists will be required.

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Other things to check

You should be sure there isn’t any underground utilities in close proximity. Even though you may not be excavating for the foundation, you would detest having to disassemble your deck just because a cable tv or perhaps a utility line had to be accessed. Plus for your own safety when doing any outdoor construction projects it is vital to know where your gas line, electrical lines, telephone lines and sewer are on your property. If you hit anyone of these while doing a project and you did not get them marked out first you are liable for any repairs required. In my area we have a number to call for utility marking and it is free.

Finding the Right How to Build A Deck Guide Online

After finding the right guide to learn how to build a deck and also the right plans, be sure to drop by the local planning office to obtain a deck building permit. Each and every state, province etc. will have certain codes you must meet when building new projects on your land that also must be inspected as well. If you build without a permit you can be asked by your city to remove the structure or the minimum pay fines so it is in your best interest to talk to your local planning department to learn about if one is required or not.

When learning how to build a deck, the first place to begin will be the location of your deck. When it’s connected to the existing residence, exactly how is it going to be attached to the principal building?
Should you be learning how to build a deck which is larger sized, you may even be thinking about the actual landscaping design all around it. Is that modest tree likely to at some point demand the deck? Could that tree become big enough to block the view?

16,000 plansAn important part of learning how to build a deck is definitely leveling out the spot in which the deck could contact the ground. Which means that you need to get rid of any stones as well as debris, and you might even choose to clear away all the grass. Some guides will show you how to make use of a block base that basically rests on the surface, and others have posts that happen to be burried into the soil 3 – 5 ft.

A Few More Things to Consider

There are certain things you really should think about when selecting the appropriate How To Build A Deck guide. There are a few essentials that you ought to understand so you can choose the best one. A number of these websites charge for their various blueprints, yet they must also include step by step details written in a way that even a hobbiest can easily understand.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans does this and includes full color diagrams, in addition to video clips so that you can observe exactly how these types of projects come together. Complete lists of the materials which are needed for each and every step on how to build a deck, in addition to the specific tools you will require.

All of the plans also have very helpful tips to help you get through the challenging areas, along with customer support (website accessibility) that’s available 24/7. I highly recommend Ted’s Woodworking for the overall flexibility to be tailored for virtually anyone’s specifications (because no-one individual is exactly the same), in addition to it’s wide selection of plans (16,000+).

Using Deck Plans To Build Your Own Deck

A lot of people nowadays tend to be choosing to complete many do it yourself projects on their own, saving a lot of time and cash. Some people who take on a DIY project, which includes deck building, have little past know-how or perhaps experience. Sure you may well be capable of changing a light bulb, or perhaps swap a cover plate on an electrical socket, and yet undertaking a project such as a deck construction is really a completely different matter.

There will be planning the deck, obtaining the proper deck plans to satisfy your desires, in addition to the entire development process. The deck must be strong, and level, so that you don’t feel as if you are likely to fall off each time you make use of it.

Deck plans suppliers should include numerous varieties of plans, and also be easy to customize to the user’s desires. Not every residence is exactly the same, much like not all decks are identical. Many are only a modest space where one can set down two or three patio chairs to have a quiet moment in time outside, some others will be sizeable areas, together with locations for your bbq, picnic tables, and also several accessories. These types of deck plans might be basic, or even very complicated with a lot of levels and additional features.

Since you can buy deck plans from the majority of your neighborhood home improvement retailers, but to get find the best pricing plus choices it’s really a wise decision to go online. You can find many people supplying these kinds of deck plans, many offering the most basic and simple layouts, to ones which are very sophisticated. A few websites provide plans for free, some others request a fee because of their expertise.

Cost-free can be okay, however you need to be cautious using these plans, you will want comprehensive guide together with useful tips through the entire construction process. Certain web sites currently have online customer support readily available, many others let you cope with the deck plans on your own.

Finding The Best Deck Plans Isn’t Hard

Ted’s Woodworking provides graphic instructions for their deck plans too. A lot of of us tend to be visual learners, therefore using a guide you can in fact view helps you to complete the work the actual way it should be carried out. These deck plans websites should certainly allow you to download the information directly onto your own personal computer so you may get going immediately.

There are plenty of excellent resources for choosing the best deck plans on the web, it’s really a matter of browsing around until you discover the one that will be best for your needs. It’s necessary that you be cautious, simply because building a deck not merely says a great deal about you, yet it’s also a financial investment of a lifetime.

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