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5 Benefits Of Building A Deck With Composite Materials Instead Of Wood

5 Benefits Of Building A Deck With Composite Materials Instead Of Wood
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Enhancing your home with a deck is an excellent choice which can provide endless hours of entertainment for your household and guests. If you are trying to decide between wood and composite materials, then you are in the right place! Here are five benefits of using composite materials that make it preferable for virtually everyone:

Environmentally-Friendly Choice

composite decking and finishingIf you build your deck out of wood, trees are being harvested to make it. The impact overharvesting of trees has on the environment is significant, and it is better to make green choices whenever possible. From alternative power sources to the building materials you choose, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home in many ways.

Composite decking materials are made with recycled pieces of plastic and wood scraps. Investigate the manufacturer for their percentage of recycled materials. At least one company makes use of 1.5 billion recycled plastic shopping bags and obtains all of the wood from broken pallets and waste from mills. This dramatically decreased the environmental impact your deck will have.


These decks are long-lasting and quite durable when compared to their wooden counterparts. They are not susceptible to pests and rot. Although treated woods are resistant to them as well, they are not as strong as composite materials. As temperatures rise and fall dramatically over the years, your wood will begin to warp and fade. You may experience weak spots or breakage due to intense storms.

Reduced Maintenance

Uses of Composite Materials on Outdoor ProjectsSpeaking of inclement weather, it can add to your maintenance costs with a wooden deck. Sanding splintered areas of your deck requires paying someone else to do it or wasting one of your days off tackling the job. Additionally, you will have to stain it each year and strip it every few years, robbing more of your precious time or dollars.


This is an important issue for many types of households. If you have children, their tiny feet are sensitive to splinters and can easily slip on a slick wooden deck. Likewise, pets and elderly family members will appreciate a slip-resistant deck without splinters.

Raises Home Value

Another reason that many homeowners choose to install composite decking rather than wood is the increase in home value. You will receive a significantly better return on your investment by using this durable building material which requires little maintenance.

Check the statistics in your community to see how much it can add to the value of your home. Even if you are not in the market to sell right now, if it is a possibility down the line, use that foresight to help you make the most logical choice.

Although when you see the initial cost of composite decking compared to wood you may think the wood is a better deal, look at the long-term figures. The continual maintenance associated with wood can add up to considerable figures over the life of your deck. Within a decade, you will have spent at least the same and may even start to exceed what you would have spent investing in the composite.

composite deck buildingOne great thing about composite decking is that you have a vast selection of colors to choose from. To please consumers, most of the manufacturers have several options, including those that simulate exotic hardwoods. You can have that same fantastic look without a single tree falling to make it happen!

Additionally, there are all types of accessories you can purchase that will coordinate with your decking. The railing and handrails will blend seamlessly with the deck of the same faux wood appearance. You can even find gates, post caps and deck lighting that utilize this innovative and environmentally-friendly material.

A word of caution: although it is considerably more durable than wood, you should always inspect your composite deck on a regular basis, including after significant storms, looking for any structural damage. If you have a damaged plank, you will need to replace it quickly for safety purposes.

You can transform your outside living space into something spectacular to enjoy through much of the year. As you can see building a deck with composite materials is a great choice for your home.

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  1. Thanks for bringing to my attention that composite decking requires less maintenance than wood does. My husband and I have decided that it would be nice to put in a deck for some outdoor living space. We’d prefer something we don’t have to labor over for upkeep, so maybe we’ll look into using composite decking instead of wood. That way, we can get the same look without the added maintenance.

  2. We’re getting ready to build a deck on the back of our home for the summer, but I haven’t decided what to use! I like the idea of using composite material to construct the deck of our dreams for the reason of protecting our kids, and eventually grand-kids from splinters. The fact that composite material is more durable is a plus too!

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