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Deck Fascia Installation – Step by Step Deck Building Part 8

Deck Fascia Installation – Step by Step Deck Building Part 8
This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Building My Deck Step by Step
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This deck fascia installation is a very simple step that doesn’t require a lot of time but really adds to the finished look of a deck building project.

Researching Deck Fascia

For materials for my fascia I did quite a bit of research looking for something that was going to be low maintenance but not too expensive and I also wanted this trim to be white, not cedar for some contrast.

Well it seems those two things do not go together as looking at composite decking material for the fascia would be a low maintenance product but when I costed it out it did not fit into my budget.

deck building fascia installationNext idea was to use plywood as the cost was effective, but it needs to be good for the outdoors.  Of course regular softwood plywood is not going to work outdoors so I started to research exterior grade plywood, and learned about marine grade plywood while searching.  The marine grade plywood sounded perfect, so I tried to find some near me. Not good, I could not source this product anywhere. Maybe it was because I do not live near any body of water so the lumber yards have no need to carry it.

Can Plywood Be Used For Deck Fascia Installation?

Hmm, now what?

Well the only solution I came up with that fit into my budget and I think can last quite awhile is just plain ole exterior grade ¾” spruce plywood. From what I have read about it is this stuff lasts quite some time as long as I protect it well on all sides, especially the edges. Okay so that is what I did.

I purchased enough plywood to be used as the fascia all around my deck and stairs and to also be used as the risers on the stairs. I ripped the plywood to the widths I required using my table saw. For the fascia the width was about ½” wider then the width of the joists so water will drip off nicely.

deck fascia installation on stringersOnce all the pieces were ripped to size I went about staining each piece with a very good solid stain and applied 3 coats. Two coats before installing and then a third after the installation was done.

Fastening The Fascia Board To The Deck

For installing I used pl premium glue and galvanized finish nails to install the fascia.  The nail I used to only hold the fascia in place until the glue dried. Using the glue along with caulking every joint I know this finish element is going to last a very long time. Certainly about every 2 years or so I expect to be doing some re-staining, but for myself that is no issue.

trimming off the deck stringers and fasciaAfter going around the whole deck, the landing, the stair stringers, I installed the stair treads as well as a couple of pieces of trim that capped off the fascia on the side of the stringers.

Now that my deck fascia installation is complete I can move onto building a jig for my railing and get to building and installing it.  One step closer to a complete decking building project.

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