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My Woodworking Shop Layouts

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The Bobby Shop

Years ago I started with a shop, it was 10×12 x 8ft high and over the period of 5 years I added onto it twice. Below are the layouts after the first renovation and then the second renovation.  I am still amazed that I was able to create the things I did in the original building and also the first renovated building. It was tough cutting full 4×8 sheets as there was not much room between the table saw and the door and also I could not lift the sheets vertically since the ceiling was so low. In the second renovation I raised the ceiling to 10 feet which was a huge undertaking but worth it. If you happen to view some of my projects that are in my portfolio of work, you will see sometimes the shop in the background. It started as an ugly green building but definitely got much better as time went on.

Oh, the size of my original shop is the rectangular part of layout 1, so you can see when I say it was small I am not lying. 🙂

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